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I dont get it, why would you have more damage with the Lightning Set?
It has less + SK, less Mastery%, less Pierce, also means you need Pierce Jewels / Runes.

The Set has some Avoid % but you can also just use Armor of the Old Religion for that.

Ah well, you need more Attributes if you dont use the Set, thats correct.
Celestial Barrier needs alot of Dex & you need some Strength for the other stuff.

If you have less damage with the Endgame Stuff and more with the Elemental Set, you do something wrong, it cant be possible imo.

As I said, look for 135% Pierce if you just wanna farm Maps like Fautz / Scos, go for 170% if you want Bossfights.
Always be sure too have 2100 Energy with Raven on and 1k Spell Damage, also be sure that you got some + SK, I got around 31 + SK. and 400%+ Spell DMG, also 157% FCR and FHR is also nice.

I am using my own Skilltree & this is unbuffed, only Raven is active. With Bloodlust + Bloodfury and the other things I can reach around 500% Spell Damage. and 8191 - 12k Fork Damage, 8411 - 10k Thunderstone Damage :)

I still have stuff too do ^_^

Ah be sure that you are always on Full HP or you do kinda zero damage, because of Witchblood, if you are less tankier with the Endgame Gear, because of the 10% Avoid maybe and less Vit Points, because you have too afford more Skillpoints into Dex/Str, means no Vit.
Can be a reason why you feel weak.

I made a screen fully buffed, I think I can push the Damage and the tankyness more, with the right improvements.
Also I could remove Vengefull power and Hive and put these points into Raven for more SK, can also remove Purity, around 4+ sk should be more worth but then I need that Bear Stance Relic I think with the 20% DR.

I could also just skill 1 point into TP, since I dont use pots anyways and I have too test Living Flame instead of Warp Armor but Nova Charge is solid.'
And when I remove Vengefull power, I can swap during Mistress of Pain and Ghostmoon / Fork or Tempest, without resetting my Tree, which is cool, Tempest is more relaxing for Fautz and Teganze imo, for Scos and Triune Fork is probably better. (Mistress of Pain also gives me more Tstone Damage)

If I can push my Damage way more Scos should get melted very hard, the Tree and the Etherwood are only annoying.

Btw Armor of the Old Religion and Griffons Eye are very insane, we can also get around 35% Light Abs with the right gear, which can be usefull vs Samael ?

Griffon Eye combined with Armor of the Old Religion, stack alot of normal Light Res% and try too get 170% pierce with 1k SF, holyshit we can get soo much stuff on a Light Sorc, I prbably max out Raven and search for +5 Celestial and +3 SK on Black Dwarf.

I have many ideas, theres also one jewel that makes cannot be frozen, would be cool too use one.
I wish I had enough TG too test al the stuff, using a char with 300% + movespeed, etc.. >.<

A slightly better roll on MoP and I am above 170% Pierce (last 2 screens) its fully buffed with MoP, its a great choice vs Bossfights and if you wanna farm with Tempest but Fork scaling seems way higher and the + Projectile from Ghostmoon are very effective I think, need too test more.

Atomus Jewel / Jewels with 4% Light Dmg, SF & Light Res / 6-10% Light Dmg Relic / +3 Fork / Cannot be Frozen Jewel 1x / 3% Spelldmg with +1% Max Res Jewels, etc.

More damage > more sustain > if you can burst harder > less skills from boss > etc.

cannot be frozen jewel > if u get frozen > your fcr should be slowed down > prob still low animation even with 260% fcr > less dmg you make during this

Found again:

If you use 2x Urt Runes = 80% Light Res = 16% Spell Damage with Griffon, very good.


Image my Scosglen Video, I can still do it better, with adapted Skilltree, etc.
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As a relatively new player /since the start of 2.0/ i have a question about pierce - today i was lucky enough to find Ghostmoon and Celestial Barrier and when i swap from the set my dmg drops from 7.3k with 64 pierce,to 5.7k with 107 pierce. Im 139 lvl mainly farmin Fauzt atm,so overall my question is - less flat dmg with more pierce or more flat damage with average pierce is better ?
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*EDIT* Everything I said here is basically wrong :bounce:

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altoiddealer wrote:Every 1% of pierce you are missing is a 1% damage reduction

For hell farming you need 135. With 107, enemies are recieving 28% less dmg. With 64, they receive 71% less dmg.

According to the sheet values u gave, enemies are being damaged 2.1k w/ 64 pierce and 4.1k w/ 107 pierce

By the extension of that logic, 0 pierce would be 135% less damage, which is... not quite correct.

64 pierce reduces an enemy's base 35 resist to -29, which boosts 7.3k sheet damage to 9.4k
107 pierce reduces an enemy's base 35 resist to -72, which boosts 5.7k sheet damage to 9.8k

The difference is more pronounced against bosses (6.8k for the higher damage vs 7.8k for the higher pierce, against a base 70 resist target).
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Aegontrygas wrote:I dont get it, why would you have more damage with the Lightning Set?
It has less + SK, less Mastery%, less Pierce, also means you need Pierce Jewels / Runes.

The Set has some Avoid % but you can also just use Armor of the Old Religion for that.

I quoted the Vikan's suggestion gears. And with the same stats and skill points, all I saw was the damage from the set much higher than the gears he suggested.
With just runeword items like


Runeword Level: 100
+1 to All Skills
45% Cast Speed
45% Hit Recovery
-(27 to 30)% to Enemy Fire Resistance
-(27 to 30)% to Enemy Lightning Resistance
-(27 to 30)% to Enemy Cold Resistance
+(172 to 200)% Enhanced Defense
(16 to 25)% Magic Find
Requirements +25%

Runeword Level: 110
+2 to All Skills
+100 Spell Focus
50% Cast Speed
-(15 to 20)% to Enemy Elemental Resistances
-500 Defense
Maximum Elemental Resists +2%
Elemental Resists +(13 to 15)%
Requirements -100%
, I have no +%spell damage, no spell focus, no socket left for jewel or rune. Because many spell focus points come from
Lamha Na Draoithe
Lamha Na Draoithe
Gauntlets (Sacred)

Defense: (1339 - 1506) to (1567 - 1763)
Required Level: 100
Required Strength: 625
Item Level: 120
+2 to All Skills
+150 Spell Focus
30% Cast Speed
+(16 to 20)% to Spell Damage
+(140 to 170)% Enhanced Defense
+75 to Strength
-100 to Life
Elemental Resists +15%
Socketed (4)
, many pierce come from
Spirit Walker
Spirit Walker
Heavy Boots (Sacred)

Defense: 696 to 737
Required Level: 100
Required Strength: 550
Item Level: 120
+1% Physical Resist per 18% Mana Regeneration
+2 to All Skills
+(50 to 100) Spell Focus
(10 to 40)% Movement Speed
Jitan's Gate Cooldown Reduced by 1 seconds
+35% to Physical/Magic Spell Damage
-15% to Enemy Elemental Resistances
Socketed (4)
, and you still have many socket to use some stuffs.
Again, I quoted the Vikan's suggestion gears, and I don't think it's BiS which he said "End game gears" compare to your gear.
You got a
Griffon's Eye
Griffon's Eye
Diadem (Sacred)

Defense: 870 to 983
Required Level: 100
Required Dexterity: 524
Item Level: 120
20% of Lightning Resistance Added as Lightning Spell Damage
+(2 to 3) to All Skills
40% Cast Speed
-(20 to 30)% to Enemy Lightning Resistance
Maximum Elemental Resists -1%
Lightning Absorb 10%
Socketed (4)
which was very nice. And
Armor of the Old Religion
Armor of the Old Religion
Ceremonial Armor (Sacred)

Defense: (8437 - 9306) to (10452 - 11529)
(Sorceress Only)
Required Level: 100
Required Dexterity: 722
Item Level: 105
+(4 to 5) to Sorceress Skill Levels
+200 Spell Focus
50% Hit Recovery
+(35 to 50)% to Fire Spell Damage
+(35 to 50)% to Lightning Spell Damage
+(35 to 50)% to Cold Spell Damage
+(9 to 12) to Sacrifices
+(172 to 200)% Enhanced Defense
Elemental Resists +25%
10% Chance to Avoid Damage
+(101 to 150) Life after each Kill
Socketed (6)
is an insane armor, I just got one with +50% LSD. Don't understand why didn't he put this into this guide.
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Thunder Beetle
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I think Vikan is new too the Light Sorc and just wanted too make a quick Guide for it, I heared he plays more Paladin.
Hes very good at his Gameplay and especially on Bossfights, I just play 2 weeks Median XL now and I am going too improve myself!
Maybe I can find more good Items / stuff for the Light Sorc :) it also depends on your situation, what is your goal?

- Pierce -

199 for sam/phoboss
195 for anomaly
190 for deimoss
170 for most other uber bosses
160 for astro/uldy
135 for farming

I am just using the Armor for Scosglen, because I only have 150% Pierce with it, so I prefer Hide of the Basilisk vs bosses, etc. :)

And 1% less pierce = 1% less dmg is wrong, if the boss has 99% res, then the first pierce is double damage.
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In the section showing allocating skill pts while levelling, there are about 10 pts unaccounted for. Where to dump those points?
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Currently at level 135.
10kish damage, 171 light pierce (with bloodlust and mark of the wild buffs)
Damage is decent, but very squishy. Will have to work on that.

Gear is so-so, don't have all the charms
Hide of the basilisk
2 bad rings
Vision boots
Crafted gloves
Crafted belt
Crafted orb with eagle stance

Circe on switch with cloudladder

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Im really new to median xl but not new to diablo and hack n slash games, my opinion is that if you are wearing a while Set then it should be really much stronger.This is for most of the sets I've seen so far.

As to me Lightning Set for Sorc is really too weak and not worth it, similiar with sorc cold set.
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Just use the Stuff I use and you are fine =) and always use Ghostmoon with Fork, extra Projectiles are the ultimate powerkick for Fork.

Even if you have all Tempest Relics with more Bolts, Tempest will be terrible vs Bosses, because its still 1 Bolt, only works vs more Monster, then they will split over the full screen probably.

- 135% Pierce for Maps, 170% Pierce (over 170% vs a few bosses like Samael)
- 2100 Energy / 1800 Energy for me with / without Raven.
- 1000 Spell Focus
- Spell Damage / Light Dmg %
- + Skills
- Have enough FCR and FHR.

- 90% All Res (Zann Esu Stones and maybe gear with max +res% but not recommended I pref the damage output from Griffon as example) + perf rolled charms / trophy (Kabraxis, The Sleep and Laz Trophy I think)

- 50% DR (depends what you wanna farm, in Fautz DR is great, in lab too for the "meele monster" but more important there is +max Res life imo.

- Magic Res (usually you dont need it but for some bosses you prob have too use high mres + life & regen, (Atanna Khan) can craft with shrines tho.

- Life / Dodge / Life Regen / Def / Flat Phys Reduce <- also good values too improve your surviveabillity.

Adapt your Skilltree on your Goal, if you just want too farm you dont need Tstone and right now I feel like that Fork is stronger as Tstone, atleast vs mobility Bosses.

Wait wait, this is SSF Guide, I forgot about that, sorry Vikan, well you can still mentioned, griffon and other items.

You can get around 500% Spell Damage unbuffed and 600% + Spell Damage buffed.
You can have around 50 + Skills.
You can have 30-50% DR (Hide of Basilisk, Vengeful Power, Tenacity, Relic, Oil)

You can max your +Res% (Zann Esu Stones, Laz Trophy, Kabraxis, Sleep, Hide of Basilisk, Eye of the Storm, well 21 Zann Esus is.. prob not worth it, if you cant get 1k SF & 2.1k Energy, well Energy shouldnt be a big thing.

We got 28 Sockel right, 2x Urt in Weapon = 16% Spell Dmg, 6x Perfect Topaz = 36% Spell Dmg aka 52% through this.
The other sockets can be filled with whatever imo, 28 - 8 = 20 sockel left.

Fill them with Zann Ebu probably, 1 with Arkenstone aka 19 Zann Esus, maybe drop few Topaz / Urt Runes for SF / max res, with 500% + Spell dmg and 50 SK .

You should have enough dmg anyway and then the Res is prob more worth, who knows.