SSF Lightning Sorc Hybrid Guide

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Azure Drake
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AshmakerTV wrote:Got to level 105 and now I'm getting absolutely destroyed by poison damage despite having 75% poison resist. Any tips for dealing with poison damage?

You got memed bigly by the skill rec. For majority of the game, sans turboendgame, Living Flame is superior to Vengeful Power, because it provides a more consistent uptime on Witchblood and also acts as an absorb against poison damage (and extra 1k life also raises a threshold for hit recovery). If you take 750 poison damage per second after 75% res, this will instantly put you below Witchblood threshold and most likely can't be countered by the potion either, making LaeK the only source of recovery from it on a gimped damage. With Living Flame providing ~500 regen with mid investment, that's only 250 damage per second (1/3rd of damage), which can be countered by potion, and LaeK ensures above the threshold uptime.

Basically if you want to trivialize leveling always go for max main clearing skill + max Living Flame asap, which means you'll have both maxed at ~50 level and from that point you are free to choose where to spend points.