Bat Lady Guide (SSF, Summoner, VIT assassin)

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Sorry to hear, if anyone can contact me on Discord with their character name on realm it would be greatly appreciated as it's possible it happens with specific gear setups.

edit: found the issue and will be deployed on next hotfix, thanks @ABLomas for help with testing.
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Batsin R.I.P ????
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Siberian wrote:Batsin R.I.P ????

Maybe not.
From 2.1.3 release notes:

- Summon Familiars:
- Fixed a bug that caused freeze/crash while having over 80% minion health
- Increased health by 20%

Going to re-try again!
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And some needed buff from 2.14 too, apparently minion AR% did not affect the bonus AR from winged calamity? That'd explain why, at high levels, so much minion AR felt "needed" (in 2.0 last season I mean), because it was only multiplying the base ar and not that.
Some hp buff too, and a fix to "minion res" not working.
Alright time to get bats back on and try again (or rather melee+bats) ! Still gonna be a melee summoner with stretched gear, but should be somewhat playable now ^^'
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Tested a bit today in Scos. Sadly the damage just wasn't there. It was always slow, but it was just unusably slow now. It wasn't 0 damage and does kill mobs, but just not quickly enough. This was with a full set of +levels gear to amp the bats up, not using the assassin melee attacks for damage.
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Hi. im at lvl 119 now. New bat looks cool but imho needs some love and perhaps some more in-depth tweaking.

Im just posting some few thoughts about my game play.
- Bats seems fast and durable, very cool now, ive not tested any minion dmg gear but its very visible how they help during boss fights etc.
- Bat nova got some great range, it was godly combined with poison on early stages, now since it cannot be spammed its falling down, perhaps at later stages its going to be good to clear lower ubers but i cannot imagine to do anything meaningful with it later on (for sure will test)
- Vamp strike looks good, got some crappy range and cannot be spammed but meh, combined with some doom it punches some nice damage, 1s cd is really unpleasant
- Its nothing new for batstrike but build again feels really slow and clunky sometimes, an yeah rippy too - in order to do anything i need - meele hit SR, meele hit BB, blink, hope to meele hit with bat, vamp mark, 3/4 hits with bat/vamp strike, rinse repeat.
- I dont feel its viable to dual wield for it now, well is there even a reason?
- No items whatsoever which would improve batstyle in meaningful way , no special items, set is meh - im not pointing out other options like build it like any other meele but there are no options for meele/summ hybrid which bat is.

What id think it could fix it/tb discussed.
Since casting vamp and blink one after another removes previous buff eg - cast vamp and then blink within one s you may summ instead of vamp striking - window of how long its possible to cast bat summ or vamp may be longer. That d lock ordinary bat strike but perhaps it d be better this way.
Dmg could be lowered but cd of skills lowered as well, id feel faster and same time d not be as op.
For future some (any) items d be great to have as well as something unique like vanilla claw block to tie bat with dual- wielding? :)

Will post some feedback after im going to be raped for 101th time in dunc/or other 120s.
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After this modification, it can be completely noticed that the bat summoning gameplay becomes easier, but the bat summoning system is very very weak, much weaker than season 2.0, even weaker than other summoner classes. Moreover, the set item doesn't help at all in terms of claw's damage and summoning.
I think it should be brought back to the old charge up system, although it is difficult to control, it gives quite stable power than now.
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Small update past 120,

Geared a bit towards -light res and respecced to full dex for block and innate, additionally ive picked up specialization to reach 6 bats. Ive crafted bloodlust claw as well. Im trying to figure out what ultimate i should pick, got phase bomb but mana cost is huge and i need to figure out how to utilize it.

Perhaps clunky, but this build reaps big hole when used properly. With a lot avoid, great block and mediocre def its kinda tanky (absorbs form set will help as well but im not there yet). Clear speed aint so bad but for sure this toon excels at bossing. Im amazed how much punch it has. It may not be as fast at clear or bossing as tier S but imho for sure its viable and fun!

Even so, sky is the limit but here is no sky, lack of dedicated items hurts. Overall ill push my build towards endgame, to see how it performs there.
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Update of 120/125 game play. 120 done, some are easier some done after little bit of struggle but nothing like huge wall to be breached, on p1 all of them might be farmed, speed is medicore. 125s doable (didnt o all for now), vizjun and fautz farmable. With some tweaking its going to be even smoother. To my taste best thing about my build is high block (47%) now, great punch from vamp strike and a lot of leech. I really like this build, its going to be better and better i believe.
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with vamp strike and a claw of equal or greater damage than Ligeo De Manes or greater & the nerfed bats, can it pump out the same boss dps as it did in 2.0?