Poison Sorceress

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yea you definitely wanna use Lorenado for most bossing besides example : astrogha
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Bulooka wrote:
amekoffiziell wrote:
Bulooka wrote:Can't seem to do spirit world with posion sorc. 238k Arach damage with 172 pierce. The blobs feel way overtuned, they aren't dying nearly fast enough to tick a cast on Spirit boi

i did her three times now - first two times i died in tornado or didnt get kill her - last three times i got her all tries ;D so maybe need to use other playstyle i thinkl -. for me she is easy now - with both psn sets i did around 600k arch. and had with astrogha trophy and some ven runes -150 res - with that shes kinda eas greetz

Yeah honestly I just used lorenado instead of arach (ty ben) and the boss and blobs fell over. Not sure why the aoe skill did more single target damage than the single target skill.

It's because once a target is poisoned, every hit applies 1 frame of poison damage and lorenado hits many times vs arach's once. This is why lorenado kills everything and also why poison skill duration is a useless mod outside of getting you extra tornados.
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