SSF Elemental Barbarian

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Is the gear in the endgame section absolutely BiS or there are SSU that are better but werent included since its SSF build? Is this build capable of solo'ing Deimoss with the best gear?
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The Gear mentioned is BiS.
Only other option is getting a Azurewrath and build around it.
Number #1 Barb on ladder still has his Gear shown.
But summed up it's stack Periapts of Life on everything.
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From my experience Azurewrath build has more survivability but lower damage. Ultimately if you can survive all content without Azure its probably not worth the investment, unless you're flexing.

The gear mentioned in the guide was indeed BiS at the version it was written for. I unfortunately do not have any free time to play and see if there are any adjustments to BiS, but I would assume it being the same.