Starter Tier List for Season 32 (Patch 2.4)

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fuppy wrote:
boozek wrote:I played multiple Tier0 and Tier1 builds and I cannot agree with Cold Sorceress being Tier0 its too slow with lvling comparing to others.
Survivabilty is good but kill speed nahhh.
For example Lightning sorc was much easier for me.

First time I'm hearing it's this way around. I was told cold sorc is mega squishy but killspeed is fast.

Wonder why the discrepancy...? :?

I did cold sorc this ladder (leveling to scosglen). It wasn't good until I got the majority of the end game gear. Before end game gear is both squishy and slow. :? - just my experience
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any idea about when begins a new ladder? I'm thinking on play SP or MP, and for MP I think it would be ideal play in the beginning of a new ladder
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Kadazzle wrote:I will the update the TIER LIST as it is all MESSED up
Blood - Fire Amazon - EASY
Naginata Assassin - If you like pressing buttons this is a GOOD class but I wouldn't say it is STARTER friendly
Earthquake Barbarian Melee play style
Werewolf Druid EASY
Summoner Necromancer EASY
Unholy Melee Paladin I have no idea never played one
Cold Sorceress - Can be done starting out might struggle a little but with Tu's and getting into late game maybe one of the best characters in the game
I WILL now fix Tier 2
I will color list them as what is hard to play and what is easy to play IF it is not in a color then one of two choices either it SUCKS or I have never played it
Dont play
Storm - Caster Amazon, Blood - Magic Missiles Amazon, Javelin Amazon, Psionic Assassin, Throwing - Scorpion Blade Assassin, Elementalist Barb, Whirlwind Poison Barbarian, Summon Barbarian, Wereowl Druid, Poison Druid, Hunter - Elemental Druid, Totem Necromancer, Neutral Paladin, Holy Melee Paladin**, Unholy Caster Paladin*, [Rising Dawn Paladin], Melee Sorceress, Lightning Sorceress, Fire Sorceress

Werebear Druid, [War Cry Barbarian], [Guard Tower Barbarian], Malice Necromancer, Melee Necromancer, Seer - Cold Druid**

Bow - Physical Amazon, Storm - Hammer Amazon, Throwing - Storm Crows Assassin, Spear Amazon, Trap Assassin, Whirlwind Physical Barbarian, Warmonger Barbarian, Bow - Physical Druid, Crossbow Necromancer, [Orb of Annihilation Necromancer], Arcane Sorceress, Seer - Fire Druid

Holy Caster Paladin, Seer - Hurricane Druid

Hope this helps

Ty bowzon is green and easy.
Op please update bowzone to reflect this new information.
Also someone donate this guy beta chat discord access so he can assist the other knowledgeable bowzon feedback givers on assuring bowzone gets more dogshit in this upcoming patch.