2.7 Summon Paladin Guide T9 labs+ & phoboss

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Is it a bug or intended, for a long time items with gematria mod gave their bonus for each rune put in even beside the item within grey text mod (gematria) Which means as much runes you can put in all your armor and stuff as much would be a proportional bonus from gematria, for example paladin champion summon shield gives + 1 skill for 1 rune put in, i put 9 runes and suddenly appears that + 9 skills i have from gematria, ect... SO my question, is it more profitable to have more + skills to servant of valor or is it better to go with minion stats?
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Did it up to hell Baal. it`s strengt and weakness is the same: dependance on champions of the sun. Without relics is worse than other summon builds, champions of the sun levers things up. Overall its the seame after "champs" as other summon builds - good and plenty of mf allowing farmers, some bosses easy, some bosses undoable or extremely frustrating but doable ( eg . spirit of giya - summons target unkillables).
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how do you get a amulet with +4 or even 5 skills?

Hightest i found was +3 rare Oo
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Servants get synergy from elemental wisdom. That's as a passive effect right? Just started this build and haven't played in a while. Also, Blood Thorns says it benefits from Vitality synergy. Is that total Vitality or only base?
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nikulo wrote:how do you get a amulet with +4 or even 5 skills?

Hightest i found was +3 rare Oo

Craft a +4 amulet (set amulet + alchemy potion) and then use luck from vendor and hope for +5
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how about this sword?

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Funxion1 wrote:I played this spec from 35-148, it was a lot of fun and rarely had sticking points where pushing through content became slow. Just keep updating your gear when you can and MO’s and you should be fine! :)

This was my first guide so I’m glad it’s helping!

If you guys have any questions I’m here to help :)

Duude, did you wonder of using together summons with uholy melee, i think it would be absolute ass destruction, and what do you think of gematria effect on gerald of zakarum someone mentioned earlier. Also does it realy necessery to put spark buff on every single minion separately? About pal blood relic its was strange decision to buff minions that no one played
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I think you should watch this video:

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Playing this build on Goblin season and it is great - thank you for the detailed guide. I'm level 125 and can clear all content easily, almost fully geared which was also really cheap to do. I think I've found my new starting build every season!
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Is it possible to get a filter/notifier for this play style? that would help me a ton lol. Im new