Median Xl on Mac M2

Need help installing the mod?
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Hey every one. I just managed to install pd2 with their installer on my Mac m2 and it runes great. Played for 30 min with absolutely no problems.
I did it with the use of crossover and also had to install .net. Then I tried to install MXL and it is kind a worked. The Problem accrues every single time when the installer updates, it loads like 50% and just stops. Is there something that I can do to bypass the update or get an already updated installer?

Thank you very much for the help in advanced
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  • Make sure your game is patched exactly to the 1.13c version, or a manual installation will not work.
  • Download the mod files (.mpq: & .dlls: and extract them to your Diablo II folder (where "Game.exe" can be found) using a program like 7-Zip. Both files are archives and both files need to be extracted. At the end of the exctraction process you should have obtained 3 new files (MXL.mpq, D2Sigma.dll and Fog.dll). In case it asks you if you want to replace the existing files, select yes.