MXL: Sigma Announced

The awaited Median XL sequel is coming - discuss it here.
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Aspirine101 wrote:
Stealthmaster wrote:If she left and there's a little chance you will see her again/she does not feel like seeing you, you should forget about her ASAP, no matter how painful it will be, mate. Music, sports, favourite hobby and a new potential partner can help you in this case.

Edit: nice discussion we have here. Very Sigma, much announced (-:

nono forget is not option :/ i will have chance to see her just not now just need bit of time idk if she will want to see me tho maybe maybe no idk rip she wont even talk anymore with me

if i forget her i will just fall into abyss and be depressed like i was year ago, then i wont be able to do shit, wont even be able to finish school

meh :S dont wanna bother u guys much, i just feel extremely shitty, and all of u are rly kool community, i might not be here a lot but i still remember old times

Trust me, I've been in a similar situation before (not completely the same), and I know another person that was in that situation, that's why I told you what I did. Staying like that is far worse for your depression than moving on. If you stay like this you'll just wail in the deep pit of depression and drown in the abyss of sorrow and obsession. At times it can feel/seem more comfortable than the reality, but you know deep down that it really isn't, and that you're decieving yourself. If you stay like this for a time, it's possible to get out eventually, but it takes a big toll, so better don't even get deeper into it, and move on right now.

Best way to go forward is to focus on making yourself feel good, do stuff, solve problems, have fun, talk to people and other girls, hang around with friends. Nothing helps with forgetting an old girl like a new one.
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Quirinus wrote:Nothing helps with forgetting an old girl, like a new one.

Or 10 new ones. ... -will.html this works.
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Sucks but you move on. I was married for about two years, lived with the ex for 8 and was with her for almost 10 years. As bad as it is, you move on. You're a man, so you take charge and think about and do other things until a better woman comes along. Hasn't happened for me but that's my attitude. I'm too old to worry about shit. lol
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fuck bitches, get money.

anyways, signma when!
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Quirinus wrote:-snip-

GregMXL wrote:Welcome back, dude. Just some advice: Odds are that if you act like a vagina then you definitely won't attract vagina. Good luck.

Thank you both
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GregMXL wrote:Welcome back, dude. Just some advice: Odds are that if you act like a vagina then you definitely won't attract vagina. Good luck.

:mrotate: :mrotate: :mrotate:
Best. Advice. Ever.

Be like him and all girls are yours. :D
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Thanks Marco Necro and everyone else for continuing to make this amazing mod for one of the greatest blizzard games of all time. I FINALLY installed Ultimative and worked out my game issues so now I can play on The Sin War server. So glad to be back after 4 years. Haven't played since Omega but excited to see all the new changes. Can't wait for Sigma, take your time, do what you got to do. I'll be busy wrecking house in Ultimative! (^-^)
Jitan, Come On
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So, its February, any updates on any release on any date?
Stone Warrior
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I'm also interested in an update. I haven't played in a while since a change of PC meant re-installing everything and I never got the time, but I've been following the Sigma thread every few weeks to see when it's out.

Tried some other ARPGs like Grim Dawn but they just don't have enough end game (nor did D2/LoD to be fair). So yeah, an update would be good.
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Jitan, Come On wrote:So, its February, any updates on any release on any date?

I think Sigma will be good surprise for New Year