[S26] Unholy Voidstar - 2 minute uldy

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Wish I had posted this vid before t4v's 1 minute 100% key kill cause now I feel like a little bitch.

But hey, I bought his damn key so here goes:

Character can be viewed here: https://tsw.vn.cz/acc/char.php?name=Desponsito

After spending 600 hidden shrines crafting my belt and never hitting a good spell damage roll with max pierce and a good eerie bless, I gave up and MO'd my current one.

I've had a rare ring bounty running since day 2 of the league with no one giving me something worth putting endless lights on. So I'm missing at least 10-15% pierce I could get without breaking apart the setup.


In game tooltip is 20.4k-26.5k

Special thanks to T4V for selling me the first Despondence of the season.