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S30 Deimoss the Fleshweaver 100% (Not viable anymore)

S31 Archibishop Lazarus with capped magic resist

S32 Deimoss the Fleshweaver 100%

S32 Nithogur, the Overweight Moth with a pair of pathetic tiny wings (without void armor)

When you place Twisted claw slightly next to the target, not exactly on the target's head, the small twisters that spawns from the big twister that deal actual damage has more time to hit the target which leads to significant increase of your dps. Wolf is overall broken now and this should be nerfed, however not as broken as solitude. I hope Solitude would be replaced with something more ethical with a cap in the next patch.
In addition, Apple of Discord turned out to be a better choice than periapt for manawoof due to some more HP / Mana% from charms you may have access to in S32 so I have to say my build is not correctly optimized.

Thanks to TL, Ruuki, Conveee and some other friends for the support.
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Well played !
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GG !
+1 nerf
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Solitude is okay no matter how many solitudes u have they won't make u good at the game or enable u to do 100% deimoss in 1-2 min.