Constant Random Crash to Desktop on Linux

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I just installed Median XL onto my new Manjaro Linux desktop with the AppImage onto a fresh install of Diablo II LoD. I got the mod to install and can see all the changes when I load up the game, but the game will just randomly crash to desktop within the first few minutes. There doesn't seem to be anything obvious triggering the crash. I've had it happen at any time doing almost any action, even one time crashing on the character select menu. I've tried windowed and fullscreen on glide, Direct3D, and even that new d2dx wrapper. All of them have the same issues. I do not get these crashes when the mod is not installed.

I thought it might be an issue with permissions on the save location. I tried editing the permissions on the MedianXL folder in appData to be readable and writable by anyone just to see if that would fix anything, but it didn't work.

I tried seeing if I could find any errors in any log files, but the closest thing I could find was in the Debug logs in the Diablo II directory there is one line that says "Error opening file: data\local\use", but there are a bunch of successful dll loads right after that so I wasn't sure if that really meant anything important.