Poison Sorceress

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Sardonic wrote:Started this build SFF, strictly following the guide. I made it through normal in record time. Super smooth. A little mana sustain problems, but was quickly fixed with some regen. I also found that early levels putting 4x P ruby's + MO 10 LAEK on the staff is a major survivability factor. I got lucky with TU's as I went and found the staff and Moon Wrap. Made the rest through acts 3-5 and farmed Nith a few times to get other pieces.
Overall, levels 1-50 supppppppppper smooth.
I will give another update as I venture through nightmare.

Went from Act 1-5 Nightmare without a problem. Updated TU's to T3 except Staff (TU4).
Again, no issues, was really smooth. Mana issue when spamming Arach. Spell.
Found a relic with -6 psn res.
I am really enjoying the lorendo spell with how much aoe it has. Its smooth while walking.
Now level 94 think. I will start to transition into set.
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Scratch that SSF if you have a relic and the set waiting.
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I found the relic while leveling and yes, I suppose no longer SFF. I will transfer into the 2 set pieces I have once I am able.
I also was gift a bunch of end game items from a friend to test the build once I am able.