Sugestions for a caster druid

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Azure Drake
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Hi guys...

I'm testing a caster druid... like I'm a lazy player, it's a cold damage caster (hunting banschee). I've maxed Hunting banshee (25) spitirtual alignment (25 at moment), 1 point all other skill in seer tree.
I've invested 10 skill points on bear companion (and he is pretty useful), and ofc I've maxed barskin.
The question is what uber skill do you recomend? I've taken Poison wine maxed at this moment, cause it' pretty usefull the extra life and ofc, the slow. Being a caster with a invulnerable slow minion it's really good in my opinion...Still survival intincts can provive spell focus and and 10% Physical resist (I can try combine it with tenacity). And faerie fire can give avoid...

Caster druid is really good for me... you cast MOTW and hunting banshee and sometimes pagan rites and that's all :) Any sugestion is wellcomed. This char is SSF.
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Once the poison angel skills and fire rain skills are very memorable, I look forward to their return again.
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Thunder Beetle
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Before ~ lvl 125 i took Survival Instinct. Because you know, SF and PR.
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Always Survival Instinct. 400ish spell focus for 1 point is tough to pass up.