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Finally found a open grindy world game where i can play while watching anime at same time:

Love live sunshine second season, like after 3 month of more postponing it (my MAL profile have the time difference between those 2). I feel like im getting older to not care melodramatic stuff anymore, especially those that are saying "we must hope for future and shining our brightest" etc. Not bad i admit, but that it because Im playing the mobile game atm, so I just watch in context to get more story. I think Lovelive 1st line up is better, but sunshine have better first season IMO. Btw, dont you just feel sad that despite how hard you work, it is all lost in vain. At least the story leave up in higher positive notes.

Little Witch Academia TV, my gosh. This remind of having fun of watching new IP that explore new world that solely not sure on school specific. Yes, we could say that this is another issekai series, but focused more traditional magic school like harry potter. It does make me feel like a kid again (well not really, but just remember when was 1st harry potter movie came out). There are also other alternative (like 1st season of zero tsukaima or 2nd season magi) but this genuinely engaging with new adventure every episode. Im about half through the season (probably can finish by today)

As for trigger studio, it deliver as usual the animation style, sakuga moment and artstyle that not feel like traditional anime.

Just finished it, studio trigger as usual know how to end with a bang. The whole final episode is a visual treat, just like the first episode. After final plot is revealed, i thought i dislike how the villain motivation is kinda too weak and dislike how they resolved the issue. Despite strong world building and build up the anticipation, only plot twist the one I really liked (predicted at the beginning of the season, but still get twisted). Regardless, I enjoyed the time throughout the series, and probably in the future go back to other ova / movie of the franchise.
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I paid 10$ for this.
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Edens Zero:

Okay honestly, I only started that Manga because I was completely confused as to why Lucy and Happy from Fairy Tail were in there, but not Natsu, which is weird because Natsu and happy were inseparable. I thought that maybe now that Fairy Tail ended, the author made a new series with Happy and Lucy.

Well, it turns out it's not Lucy. The girl is called Rebecca and coincidentally looks like Lucy. Same goes for Happy. That cat is a robot now. Both characters have absolutely nothing to do with anything from Fairy tail.

Yes, I was caught off-guard. I assumed that this was what the author wanted to achieve: Raise suspicion to get the people who know Fairy Tail to read his new work. At least that's what I thought until I reached the end of chapter 2:

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