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Yeah, same news as Aftermath mod - "soon".
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It's sad that modders have lives too.

Battle of Legends would be interesting if the team gets together again.
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Xaphan is busy atm. But i can ask him then new version is coming.
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nvm found it
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Anyone had a look at Reckoning yet ? How is it ?
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Dear forum users. I ask you to share dc6 files of animated HP and MP to version 1.13c. I ask you what I really need, and I play without multi-resolution since it does not work for 1.13c at least for me. If someone can send me this, or do it, but I think someone has already done this version. I personally tried to do it, but it didn’t work out and I am a full lamer in programming, so please attach dc6 animated xp and mp please. This is what I need
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