Unholy melee paladin - Lemures *WIP*

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Arionic wrote:Gzeno,

I'm interested in your fire/blood build.
Right now i'm running full Hadriels with 3 piece Yaerius (helm, belt gloves) The set bonuses from both are impressive and i'm mowing down everything in my path on my way to 120. I'm slowly replacing stat/resists gems with ef/fire/phys/vita jewels.

I decided to focus on Grim Presence and Vessels of Justice + Life and Death for the higher damage vessels. This plays very much like a Nuetraldin. Since grim also boosts Divine Aparation, I find that one DA into a group of mobs weakens it enough for the Vessels to practically one shot everything. Yaerius set and Life and Death give +13 targets to Vessels so damn near everything gets hit. They are currently doing about 2.5-3.5k fire and 4k phys.

From there I'll attack with Blood Thorns. Tainted blood has me sitting at 200k def and that number is climbing quick as I get more charms. I still have to max Blessed life to hit 50PR. Blood thorns works extremely well for AOE. I can use lemures on bosses if needed, and Hadriels gives Mythal, so even lower resits for the mobs. Once I've reached high enough Vita, resist shouldnt matter. I need better rings and ammy's, plus 120+ charms.

My only negative will be the idea that I may ultimately have to craft sacreds to get better. I'm not even sure what to aim for.

It works though, and i'm not anywhere near done honing the build.



How far did you get with this build?