[Suggestion]Turn Charms into Mystic Orbs

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I paid 10$ for this.
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A few improvements to your idea:
-make orbs item specific. (Like orb X works only on gloves, orb Y works only on boots)
-don‘t add any for shields. Shields are already a very defensive choice and should stay that way so two handed weapons aren‘t worsened.
-give 3-4. choices per slot. There are 8 slots (not counting shield and ring is doubled), so people can choose which one would be best. One for casters (skills, spell damage, -enemy resist, life on kill and so on) one for wdm builds (wdm, crit, ed, life on striking, life on attack, life leech and so on) one for defensive (ed, resist, tcd, Block chance, max resist and so on) and a special orb that buffs certain stats/skills or grants an oskill. Special orbs should be only granted from very hard ubers.

That way you need to choose the stats by yourself and can determine whether you need more defensive values or not.

-you can buff those stats since that way they‘ll be limited already. Plus, someone might prefer the defensive orb on a belt, while the other one might use the offensive one and gets the defensive stats from a different item already, giving more item customization for the same build. Or you might need to change the stats you get from a certain orb to those of another orb for certain ubers. For example you could get lots of resist from orb X and lots of def from orb Y, giving both of them a different use, which you may want to change for Uber Z. That way you don‘t skip on all the content but instead only on on 1/3rd (either wdm or spell dmg).

It probably won‘t be implemented, so I look at this thread as a theoryctafting thread. I might add this to a game when I somehow make it into the gaming industry xD (not likely)
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the problem with charms was/is that they give too many stats so the difference between char with 0 charms vs char with all charms is so huge that beating certain harder ubers and farming gear is so much more difficult that it becomes a problem.

the concept of uber charms themselves is not bad, but the high dependency is. tbh i cant see the appeal of migrating the problem from charms to mystic orbs.

as marco has already pointed out, the problem is that the charms are too powerful, so a more sensible solution to the problem seems to buff the chars without having charms, and at the same time reducing charm stats to the point that they stay relevant, but not to the point of being overpowered.

so imo this topic doesnt really address the core issue and honestly since there already are plans in place to fix it, things like signet farming and item imbalances/early item finding are more annoying and need looking into (for example 500 attribute points is a massive boost early on)