Uptier Item Failed?

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Hey there,
maybe there is a mechanic I do not know about, just started playing median today.
So I read that to upgrade a tiered unique (the warped blade in my case) I have to put that Unique + 1 Arcane Crystal into the cube and press the button.
The arcane crystal disappeared alright, but the warped blade remained as a Tier 1 Item. What is it that I am doing wrong?
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It should have gone to t2, but in future use - Item + Arcane Crystal + RUNE of any type = upgraded to next tier.
Always remember the rune otherwise only the base item will upgrade.

Use Short Questions thread in future aswell :)
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Ah thank you, I read the wiki and the unique tiered part on this website aswell, but I must have missed the +RUNE part, that was actually it... sadly after I used it, the unique instantly went to T3 and outleveled me, hahaha. But thank you very much!