Melee Sorceress [1.3]

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Thank you very much for this guide, but I'm confused... The description for Moonstrike says to Buff at all times with "Increases Max Life and damage for a short time. Keep this active at all times whenever in combat." Except in-game, Moonstrike is an Attack and is clearly differentiated in the UI from something like Hive, which the game states is a Buff. I'm trying to understand why I'd put 30 points into Moonstrike when Bladestorm or Wraithsword seem so much better.

Am I missing something? Should I still be putting more than 1 point into Moonstrike? I apologize if this has already been answered.

Edit to add: Also, is Wedding Dress of the Zann still the best chest armor, given the change (?) to Moonstrike above? Zann buffs Moonstrike, but Ennead's Bane adds flat +Sorc Skill Levels, which seems broadly more useful especially if Moonstrike is no longer the build's primary attack.

Edit 2: Wait, so Moonstrike also is a buff while being an attack? So, I want to max points into Moonstrike and then use that to boost the damage of my normal attack (Bladestorm, right?)? If this is the case, is there any visual indication of when the buff ends? I'm already approaching my limit as far as hotkeys with this build and having to constantly switch to Moonstrike to regain the buff seems difficult... But hopefully I'm missing something and the rotation is simpler than it seems.

Any advice is appreciated. :)
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Hive functions basically like a spell, dealing supplemental Poison damage. It doesn't add anything to your attacks. But Moonstrike buffs Phys damage to all your melee skills as long as it's active. And maxed Moonstrike will buff Wraithsword+Bladestorm more than maxing the skills themselves.

Maxing Wraithsword is pointless b/c, for some reason, the extra flat Phys damage doesn't seem to be factored into weapon damage multipliers (i.e. EWD, +Phys Damage, etc.). Maxing Bladestorm seems like a good idea at first, b/c it reduces the Phys-to-Magic conversion ratio. But that can be accomplished with Skill Points. And putting Base Points into Wrathsword and/or Bladestorm increases Mana cost to often unmanageable levels.

Yeah, you got it regarding Moonstrike. It's both an attack and a buff.

There are these little white things that float above your character's head when Moonstrike is active. When they disappear, the buff is gone.

As far as hotkeys, you really only need to switch among 3 most of the time: Moonstrike, Fusillade, and Bladestorm or Wraithsword (depending on the situation). Hive is just for supplemental damage, so don't worry too much if you forget to reactivate it. Familiar you'll only summon once per life. Blade Spirits are helpful early on and in certain situations, but you'll barely use them by End-Game. And Force Blast you'll only use in a few situations.

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Thank you very much for the help! I appreciate the explanation, there's a lot of stuff to unpack in there that I probably never would have noticed by playing the game. I'll stick with your build and go with Zann + Moonstrike. Thanks!