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This is a really, really simple tool. I made it for personal use first, but I might as well share it here so it lives on. This excel sheet allows you to set up your current WDM char, and compare the raw damage difference from different items. If you enjoy min-maxing, this tool is for you. Feel free to try it out.

WDM Calculator.xlsx

This basically solves the question of "Should I get EWD, flat damage, dex/str or deadly strike?"

There won't be a "spell" version for this unfortunately. Each spell has unique synergies and scaling, which is extremely difficult to maintain and provide an "all-in-one" solution. Good luck.
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Cookied for sharing such a useful tool.
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This is pretty cool thanks Marco.
It's a really useful tool and helps fairly new players to get better. This tool has helped me take my thorn warden from the 115 ubers through to the 125s and understand what I'm doing at the same time.