Signets and Vendors - Multiplayer

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Azure Drake
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At some point after our toon gets past the 400 signet mark, signets of learning do nothing much besides saving it up for your next toon or selling it on trade.

If you're reading this, what do you think about say 50 signets = 1 random SU? Or maybe a 100.

Or even a vendor to sell shrines but using signets as a currency. 10 or 20 signets for a specific shrine perhaps?
Core Lord
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signets are also samael food

for the 0.1% of the playerbase who attempt and kill it
Acid Prince
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I think it's a great idea man.
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Players already doing this since the beginning. Still up to the seller what to accept, not all items are the same worth of signets
Core Lord
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I'd say cool.