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The Mysteries Set
Large Shield (Sacred)

Defense: (3734-4220) to (4196-4743)
Chance to Block: 1% + class%
Required Strength: 384
Required Dexterity: 423
Required Level: 100
10% Chance to cast level 25 Spike Nova when Attacked
+1 to Sorceress Skill Levels
35% Faster Block Rate
1% Increased Chance of Blocking
(101 to 150)% Bonus to Miasma Haunt Duration
+(115 to 143)% Enhanced Defense
Requirements -20%
Socketed (6)
sockets number is incorrect (should be 4 instead of 6). And
Empyrean Band
Empyrean Band

Required Level: 40
5% Chance to cast level 7 Singularity on Kill
(3 to 5)% Bonus to All Attributes
Increase Maximum Life and Mana 10%
(26 to 50)% Extra Gold from Monsters

ctc Singularity is incorrect (should be 1% instead of 5%). h/t ZealotofDeath for pointing this out.
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The Median XL website lists the Optical Detector as a lvl 60 required item. ... ingdoms#im

However, I just completed the Quest, and the Eye that I got has a Lvl req of 120.