Natalya, The Insomniac [1.3]

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Somnus wrote:
Zerashy wrote:Does this build not make any use of Su's? If so, what suggestions might you have?

No, it doesnt, since your goal is to get limpet laser build (which min/maxed gear is sacred shrine crafted gear). The only one you'd have to get would be The flying saucer, for farming (since it boost your speed/MF).

Bagboy_Brown wrote:Just noticing that the recommended rings are out-dated. Singularity only has a 1% chance to proc now instead of 5. Would you say these are still the best rings or if you were to replacing them with something, what would it be?

For amulets/rings on scorpion blade, use whatever as long as it has +1sk and mana regen, for limpet laser you can use whatever as long as it has +1sk(amulets +3/4)/pierce/spell damage/mana regen (+ if you can also get a life roll even better) the rest is just whatever, not really needed.

vangpride wrote:
I think this is more of a template or base to start off. You're going to want to go off another build that's actually focused on killing. Check the Compile 1.3 Build guides. I'm following one on there and it's doing really well. The guide i'm following uses two different elemental damage so you'll have to build around that but Psn is our main damage. My Assassin is no where geared to Mid or End game and she's already at 40K Scorpio Blade. Just focus on the usual stuff. IAS/FHR/Res/DR%. Def doesn't matter unless you're going for block but being as fragile as we are better off just kiting which is what i do.

I'm planning on making her a farmer for Dunc,TA,Dcows which are my main 3. Also you'll want +Psn Skill damage and whatever the other element for you Sin is with - Enemies resistances.

1) No, it's not a template or base to ''start off''. This build gets into limpet laser after you get your crafts, and lets you clear 99,99% (except samael, which cannot be soloed as ssin)
2) Dont use shit compilations, those are for people who play SP with a cheated shared stash (like its owner has) with all items and not useful for new players who really want to start this game.
3) My Scorpion blade with TU6 can get up to 150k+ with only TU6 and she focus on reanimates/merc to tank those poison immune while melting the non immunes. Then, progressing into limpet laser build.

Hope I cleared it out for you bagboy_brown and Zerashy.

Oh damn. Lol yeah i'm new to the Sin builds and i guess i use the guides more of how to build it correctly. I use Limp and Scorpio. :) What build do yo uuse? Could pm me more details?