Don't Challenge Marco One on One, He Will Kill You!

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I tried challenging Marco one on one, but he found and killed me. He gave be a second chance, but found me and killed me again. It wasn't a fight, it was a butcher. Marco is King for a reason! I tried finding fault with what he did, but everything was by the book and I just lost. He over powered me. After trying and trying. I conclude:

Hail Marco, king of Diablo Median XL. Let his name be remembered! :bounce:
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brother you are missing the point of your ban - your behavior is the problem not how you play the game. challenging marco doesn't do anything for either of you win or lose. it proves no point and will not lead to an unban if you win.

whether you realize it or not, you are incapable of changing who you are as a person for the mods to consider unbanning you. it's literally impossible for most people to change who they are as a person until they become aware of why what they are doing is causing problems for other people and they should stop. you did not stop despite multiple repeated warnings leading to your ban. they didn't ban you because they hate you, but because you cannot control yourself.