How do you deal with uebers that force you to move a lot as a Wereowl?

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Thunder Beetle
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I just see no chance in hell i can beat the 120 Uebers that force you to run around like crazy. I can neither beat JDay nor Kabraxis since i just have no time to deal any damage. I need to stand still to ramp up or take literal ages to kill them by circling with Birdstorm. I just deal so little damage that for example Malthael spamms a giant horde of edyrems on my ass which eventually stunlock me to death while i can barely get his health to half and don't get me started on kab(although tbf i have never beaten him until now. that fight is just such a visual mess for me that i fail to react properly to his attacks). But back to the original question: How to deal with Uebers that have a lot of forced movement as Wereowl? Any tips or strategies?