S34 Elementalist Barbarian

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Had a great season. Big thank to the Median team & whole D2 community for making the game still awesome after years.

NotArmory: https://median-xl.com/char/anbartocom
There should be separated snapshots in each clip.

Samael Endgame rematch & the very first attempt

Lab 10 to Deimoss

Deimoss 90%


Leftover footage put together to make a showcase


Barbarian One-Handed Axes
Except Barbarian Two-Handed Axes

Runeword Level: 120
+2.5% Innate Elemental Damage per Wolf Stance Base Level
+1 to All Skills
20% Base Block Chance
Adds 1200-1550 Fire Damage
-50% to Enemy Fire Resistance
100% to Strength
Maximum Block Chance -20%
Physical Resist (15 to 20)%
is OP. Primordial Strike is gae.