Bowzon Uldy Trophy Farm

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Lava Lord
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Here's another video I made of my new bowzon doing trophy farms

This time im leveled up to 140 with some good gear farming Uldy for 2 trophies xD

I tried to control the last boss to position him for my phallanx to do maximum damage

but after running him almost 40 times already with this character I've decided

the best strat is just to cast decoy right on top of the boss for maximum efficiency (constantly doing damage)

anyways here's the vid i made, again with techno music ;d

idk why but the auto quality setting on youtube isnt working properly, you have to manually click
the settings gear icon to put the quality of the video at 1080p.

Here I made another video trying to demonstrate that to get faster kill speed with bowzon

the ideal tactic I figured out is to simply cast decoy on top of the bosses head

because otherwise you cant really control his behavior to properly position phallanx to do the most damage

casting decoy on top of the bosses head repeatedly will force him to stop teleporting around

and melee the decoy. staying in one place i can then debuff him with spellbind and angle phallanx to kill him faster

these little details are pretty important when you have to farm his trophy which takes on average > 40 kills for 1 trophy


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