D2DX not working

Need help installing the mod?
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Made a fresh installation of the base games, v13c. Installed most recent MXL (2.8 straight from https://www.median-xl.com/).
Setting launcher settings to glide does nothing. I've tried older versions of MXL in different game folders ofc, and every time I replace the Patch_D2.mpq and add " -3dfx" to Game.exe works fine. For some reason, the launcher is not doing what we use to do in older versions. Is there a way to install version 2.8 manually (by replacing .mpq file) ? I want to play the latest version lagless, but I don't know where the launcher find the .mpq file nor where it calls the Game.exe. Another information that might be helpful is that the launcher doesn't give me a way to configure glide's options like in older versions:
Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance.