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by Drizak
11 months
Forum: Announcements
Topic: Median XL 1.2 Released
Replies: 85
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Median XL 1.2 Released

thanks for reverting the sp nerf <3
by Drizak
1 year
Forum: Guide Center
Topic: Iron Spiral Barbarian Guide (Skill plan & Gearing section updated)
Replies: 410
Views: 145066

Re: Iron Spiral Barbarian Guide (Newbie Friendly build)

GrandMaitre wrote:Hi,I'm level 62,act II Terror.
Got all the early build tier 6 and can destroy all ennemies but I have -20 res....
Any suggestions ? Some ennemie 2 shot me cause of this.

Fill your socket with gems, that should do it.

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