The way of testing skills in MXL

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Jungle Hunter
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I and my friend newly started to mxl and therefore we are totally unfamiliar with the overhauled skills of xml. So I thought to ask if there is more of a convenient and practical way of learning/testing the skills for mxl 1.2 in SP.

Like a character editor but works with mxl.

So that we would know and evaluate the skills from the first hand and adjust our builds accordingly for TSW.

Please let me know.

Thanks for reading!

Edit: I am just informed that there was no any other option than getting saves from people and then respec'ing them via Kambala's tool. So any person who wouldn't mind sharing his/her own save with me would make me grateful!
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3 respecs are granted as a reward for "Den of Evil" quest.
You can also respec using Beladonna Elixir.
And you can respec your chars via MXL Offline Tools whenever you want