What is everyones usual first ladder build?

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Monkey King
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I am asking this because I want to get a feel of everyone's first general build they make on ladder that gets them started progressing and farming. I just started up again about a week ago since last ladder and I am making a barb, but am finding it difficult to get into the swing of things like i did before.

I have relatively close gear to what I had on my last barb (not quite as good obviously) and i just feel like i cant get into destruction farming. Im not doing nearly enough damage, and it just generally doesnt feel nearly as powerful as it used to be.

I am aware of the bear stance dmg nerf and the thundergod dmg removal, but would love to hear what others do to get them selves started on ladder, so please post a build that you love to start with that seems to get you going!
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Totem or melee Necromancer, Melee Sorc, Any druid except wolf (most people spec into wolf for farming later on), bowzon (again, most spec to pounce for farming), scorpion blade or limpet/bombsin, melee or summon barb, stormcall or fire caster paladin