Median XL 1.3.1, PlugY and D2SE Install Guide

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KeYzBeZ wrote:Is it Possible to Run PLugy without D2SE??

Just did a little testing and was able to get it working.

Download and Install the game via the guide.

Next, download PlugY via the mod site Run the plugy-the-survival-kit-v100 you just downloaded and install directly into the C:\Diablo II (or appropriate) folder. When it asks do not open PlugY.

Next, navigate to your C:\Diablo II folder and find the PlugY.exe file. Right click and select Send to Desktop.

Now, right click the PlugY - Shortcut Icon on your desktop and select properties. In the target field add -w at the end of the target path. It should look like "C:\Diablo II\PlugY.exe" -w exactly.

PlugY will now start in Windowed mode. To start the game just double click on the PlugY - Shortcut Icon.