What Change In Sigma Are You Most Excited For?

The awaited Median XL sequel is coming - discuss it here.
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Azure Drake
162 | 12
I think Sigma really close to us , mb 1 year max and done :)
Stone Warrior
34 | 0
higher resolution
higher resolution
higher resolution
finding more shiny lewt
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Polar Worm
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just copied from the main post and filtered out the ones that are less important to me

Rebalanced skills/oSkills 5
NOT looking forward to Increased resolution, i hate it, the current resolution is already small for my eyes
Rebalanced items 4
New utilities/hotkeys 3
No equipment loss on death 3
Less procs/screen clutter 2
New builds 2
Uberquests 2
Bigger stash 1
Buff/Debuff display 1
Damage divisor mechanic 1
Increased level/difficulty 1
Less instakill mechanics 1
Monster changes 1

note how we already have some of these things like removed heroic shields :P
19 | 2
has anyone mention Countdown Duration for Buff/Debuff ?
For example: i dont know when will my exilir expires, it's too many procs on screen so i can barely see the buff effect on char went off, and i cant keep counting sec by sec in my head, so... Countdown Duration pls