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by Fumbles
2 days
Forum: Announcements
Topic: Median XL 2017
Replies: 167
Views: 29523

Re: Median XL 2017

Marco wrote:- The major issue with mystic orbs is that they make hatred too easy for experienced players and too difficult for a new player if he doesn't use them.

Macro just assumed some new player's gender.
by Fumbles
3 days
Forum: Off-Topic
Topic: Nonsense Thread
Replies: 2067
Views: 106898

Nonsense Thread

by Fumbles
4 days
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Sky Scorcher Vanished
Replies: 2
Views: 175

Sky Scorcher Vanished

Is that Segnitia you're using? It looks like you don't have enough strength to equip it while shamanka is active, which means either your knife or shield are giving the strength needed to equip the armor. I'd recommend putting enough points into stats to equip all gear before equipping anything, so ...
by Fumbles
4 days
Forum: Median XL: Sigma
Topic: Suggestions for upcoming patch
Replies: 947
Views: 54598

Suggestions for upcoming patch

What about simulating high boss hp by granting them immunity to all types of damage and then have those immunities occasionally/randomly drop? Or if uber bosses could drop items that grant bonuses while stored in the player inventory? I have lots more ideas, lmk if you wanna read more.
by Fumbles
1 week
Forum: Guide Center
Topic: The SP Miniguides Compilation
Replies: 546
Views: 142843

The SP Miniguides Compilation

Marco wrote:thundercrack mechanics are odd because of the skill function it uses. It has a few limitations such as not being able to proc on-melee skills. But the mechanism itself is very unique because it's a melee skill with level-based missile count scaling, there is no other skill like this.
by Fumbles
1 week
Forum: Off-Topic
Topic: Movie Suggestion Thread
Replies: 32
Views: 1397

Movie Suggestion Thread

Updated the list and maybe made it easier to read @ryunp - I watched Hell or High Water about a month ago :thumb: Good movie @Mercillec - Didn't add your list because no links. Some great movies on that list though. (add some links) On the topic of Inception, I had high expectations for this movie b...
by Fumbles
1 week
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Short Questions Thread
Replies: 9028
Views: 401464

Short Questions Thread

1) 1/2

2) Yes. Just know that added elemental damage is multiplied by the weapon damage modifier of the proc itself. So spike nova only adds half of any flat elemental damages from gear/skills/charms.

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