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by bignige85
3 months
Forum: Guide Center
Topic: The Wolf's Return: Phys Werewolf Druid
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The Wolf's Return: Phys Werewolf Druid

so ive been playing with this build for a while now. sad to say, i cant get it work as efficiently as hybrid or mana. you simply have to have the cold pierce for harbinger. going full phys is fine if youre just gonna walk n twister everything, but we love the mobility right? just about to hit lvl140...
by bignige85
1 year
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Short Questions Thread
Replies: 33495
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Re: Short Questions Thread

Question: My uber skill 'Witches Blood' is redded out and unable to receive any points, but I have not taken ANY uber skills, and I already completed the first two challenges, Tran and Enead, and am level 96. Any idea what's going on, because I don't see anything on the skill which explicitly state...

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