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by willyboy
1 year
Forum: Announcements
Topic: Season 13: Chaos
Replies: 260
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Re: Season 13: Chaos

Effective wrote:
I don't care about the trading aspect cause I don't want another jsp.

jsp is the result of bots, its a complete different thing as our trading-system.

I look forward and I´m happy...this will be my first full ladder here :mrgreen:
by willyboy
1 year
Forum: Showcase
Topic: Screenshot Thread
Replies: 3450
Views: 541951

Screenshot Thread

My first SSSSU:


Don´t know what to do with it, maybe an auction?
by willyboy
1 year
Forum: Announcements
Topic: Trade Auctions
Replies: 60
Views: 16510

[NEW] Auctions v1.1

In my opinion here and on realm are two groups of players/members: The first and bigger group are very experienced players, knowing the builds and o-skills, etc. since many seasons. They will pay good in auctions for things like Demonic Touch, Black Void, Cotws with great skills and so on. Standards...
by willyboy
1 year
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Short Questions Thread
Replies: 20230
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Short Questions Thread

I have a small question:

In some guides and also tradethreads I read "SSSSU"-items....I know what SU means, but in the docs I didn´t find the difference. So....what makes a SU-item to a SSU or better?

And where can I find a list if possible. Thx for any answers :)
by willyboy
2 years
Forum: Archive
Topic: New to this. First Impressions
Replies: 62
Views: 7116

New to this. First Impressions

Hi, I´m also a newbie, playing this mod since 4 weeks. So at first a big "Hello" to all! Giving an impession at level 15 with one char is like to say "Star Wars" are bad movies after hearing the intro-music. This mod is so big that you must read a lot and of course try and error,...

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