How many games to you play? How many you master?

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I been playing exclusively MXL I tried playing other games, hearts not in it.... Mondern Warfare remaster, nier automata, and path of exile are a few i never played but i cannot commit cause of MXL... Now I'm not a Gamer who plays tons of games at once, I play one to three games unless i'm playing a arpg or mmo which i usually focus on one then. I cannot move on till after current season, my goal is to get every class to level 118+ before seasons end. I figure because i got a goal is why i'm focusing on MXL, anyone else have this problem of focusing on one game until your satisfied? Or is it the norm? Honestly I can't really enjoy any game unless it's the only one i'm trying to master.

So whats your story? Focus on one game, or do you play several games at once? Do you master? or move on to the next quickly?