Area level and exp scaling

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What do you guys think about the idea to "extend experience amount received for killing mobs when playing solo" a bit?

My lvl is 132 and when I exp in Area lvl 122 (Bastion of the Triune) I get 1exp per mob but once I level up to 133 I will not get any more exp, correct?
Many of us are farming cycle and can be over lvl 132. This may be similar to other areas such as Teganze (Great Runes), Duncraig (SSU) etc.

The idea is to encourage (make it pleasant) people to farm in specific areas even if they are over that 10lvl limit. Kepping in mind to not doing it too much to the other side where people will abuse exping in low ares since its quicker (For example being 130+ and still farming cows just for exp)

Possible solution:
Extend the limit for about 1-3 more lvls with lover scaling such as 3/2/1exp per mob or even just 1exp per all 3 additional levels?