Blood Skeletons can walk or sprint

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I'm trying to figure out under what exact conditions blood skeletons (and other summons) will actually sprint
to attack enemies, because they are really slow to attack but are powerful when they finally get around to it...

it looks like if my character is sprinting the blood skeletons will start to sprint (but not all the time)

if I'm walking the blood skeletons will generally be walking (with like a slow movement speed)

So if i physically walk right up to the enemy the skeletons will follow me and start attacking more quickly

If I run right up to the enemy the skeletons will run briefly and then start walking if I start walking attacking less quickly

and now it seems, like if i just stand still, and hold the control button, the skeletons will move around more quickly automatically

getting to attacking enemies more quickly as opposed to slowly walking towards the enemy...maybe getting distracted by something else

I exert a lot of control over my summons: casting blood skeleton at max range as often as possible

blocking spells with blood skeletons, micromanaging the whole area with blood skeletons, distracting enemies,.

There's like a weird paradox with summoner, sometimes it seems that if im very active, the summons do very well,

sometimes if im very active, the summons do worse,

sometimes if i do nothing at all, the summons do their best,

all of my movements, and actions change how the summons behave and perform in extreme and complex ways

often times if i only use a teleport spell, and ressummon occasionally summons seem to do their best

(maybe cause im holding the control key to get ready to sprint briefly and teleport again)

it also seems like they do well, if i can physically walk right up to the enemy i want them to attack,

but if im not sprinting, they generally aren't sprinting, so that means i have to wait for them to arrive after me.


blood skeletons can walk or sprint



so im testing this in scosglen

and using toggle sprint makes my entire army move faster all the time

they now just run around by themselves and I dont have to do much at all

but leave sprint toggled on