Holy Melee

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Johnny Impak wrote:Thanks for the explanation. Will try if to see if my random guesses were far from reality

If you haven't managed to kill wrath yet here's how you do it:
You either equip your void gear which you should have by now, what that means is every single socket is a rare sacred base crafted with Quiet Shrines for as much flat vit %vit and life as possible filled with P rubies or Ohm Runes, MO'd for vit, use vindicate, use an apple, and spam Sacred Armour
You can respec for full Vit even without the gear and full Sacred Armour and just spam it and chug pots
Or you can respec once, max Tainted Blood, cast it on yourself then respec again to Full Vit Max Sacred Armour, eat an apple, apply vindicate and chug pots. It shouldnt be too hard.