Melee Sorceress

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Webbhead08 wrote:This Guide could really use some emphasis on "Get to lvl 24 for Blade Storm" I think that's lost in translation in the weeds.

Also is this guide going to get an update / is there another more updated Melee Sorc Guide ? I am long time player / Trap rat main but trying my dexy hands at another 2nd build for fun sad to see this isn't updated.

Anyone else have thoughts on the 2/3 elements to choose? I like Fire for life/regen and dmg buff, guide says lightning other but I dunno Cold gets you MoaR minions and still flat defense is Mana really an issue by by mid/late/end game ?

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Pretty sure guide creator has acknowledged in the thread that cold is better early, not only is the flat defense way more useful than the % bonus early on frigid sphere can carry you even with 1pt investment to bladestorm. (low +skills runewords help it along as well)
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yeah I lvl'd to 24 using 1 pt into flame front ... still not quite sure I have the build clicking the dmg is there but I dont have the rhythm of the skills down
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Make sure buffs are up (mana shield should be omitted on some fights because it will just leave you with 0 mana) -> bladestorm trash -> drop a fusillade if surrounded or for hefty boss dmg -> bladestorm. Make sure you make the kur RW in a sorc orb as soon as your level allows it, having the pally uberskill DA at 74? iirc is op and awesome. My melee sorc hasn't been past 120 ubers content yet but it was the easiest kabraxis kill on any melee build I've tried. TBH you can heavily adapt on this build and it will still be viable at least up through 120 content, one tweak I liked was going fire/cold start, mana issues were fixed by dipping into mana sweep (note you can no longer use this skill once you buff with baneblade)
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Does anyone want to contribute a lab gearing section for this guide? I saw the not armory of the guy who said his sorc could do all 15 levels, but it’s hard to guess UMOs and such. I have a friend who is learning melee sorc and would benefit from a gear tutorial for labs (for example dervish of Aranoch vs rebel vs SBS vs arrogance and what would be best for labs then 2nd best etc), does steel punisher cut it or do you need a godly crafted sword for labs? Best ammy between beads and dyers or other? Best ring combo for labs? Has anyone tested and found these sorts of answers? Akarats or wind runners? endless loop or black void? Friend is poor and can’t test currently. Play style tips in labs? Would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: I suppose there’s gearing for high labs (maybe like 13-15) then there’s adequate gear that can do 9-11 or 12 but won’t cut it later. Although I’m more thinking that for now, I’m also curious what it would require to do 13, 14 and 15.