Xbow Necromancer

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Lava Lord
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daisukedk wrote:Can someone help me build a merc, never did one... First time playing the game. Tyvm

For me, the BEST mercenary is the merc that don't dies, and you don't kneed take care for him. And, my favourite is Bloodmage.
T6 Mask, T6 Belt, T6 Scale mail, T6 Falchion, T6 Chain Boots, T6 Tower Shield.
That's all. In dest, you can give him even honorifics, and he would survive in many not instagib ubers....
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Hello there,

i am new to sigma i have really appreciated this guide and the time you took to make it.

I was wondering if the xbow i crafted is good enough for uber 120/125 :

An other question, i spent many effort to reach the last AS breakpoint but is it really worth it for ubers ?!

Thanks !
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So uhh... has any1 been able to take down atanna khan this patch as an xbow? blood skellies get wtfrekt... and apparently atanna khan can heal???