Caster Sorceress

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OverSky wrote:I'm playing fire sorc version so far, but only just reach 120. The damage is good, however due to taking Vengeful Power, defense is almost non-existence.

I'm having a hard time imagine how the build can survive the heavy hitters uber like Kingdom of Shadows, Toraja, Vizjun or Bremmtown. Are those actually possible for us?

Fauzt/Bremm, Toraja are no problem. For Bremm you can spam flamefront in any direction before the ghosts jump on you and they'll die instantly. If you can't time that, simply summon edyrems ahead to bait. For Toraja, just hug the left wall, go slow and don't aggro too many. When you reach Lilith, spam edyrems on her until she's vulnerable then flamestrike. KoS is doable but success rate won't be high until later when you have more levels, life and pr. That leaves Vizjun, and well, yes that place is painful. Doable with more pr and cookie spamming but light/cold have an easier time there.