ClawSin - ComfortSin from A to Z and beyond ! [SSF and many variants]

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boozek wrote:What are:
best sleep trophy?
best cycles?
best relic with better farming skill than Noctule?
for Elemental claw

noctule is the best for sure.
sleep you want the -15res or the +innate damage its up to you. -- if you go set build you dont reach the -199 res anyway and you dont need it
cycles - small dex flat dex is always the best
relics you want -- fusillade 10% dex and timewave on striking and on attack
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Kadazzle wrote:
cnlnjzfjb wrote:
Theologist wrote:With the changes to Queen of Blades, is it great now for the Flashy sin variant?

With my experience playing clawsin(~110) - throwsin(110-140) - clawsin(140-146) this ladder, I would say, no. Queen of Blades is just disappointing as I expected before ladder started. 0.8s cd is too long for the skill to be good, and its range is so small without Naginatas. Sadly, this newly reworked QoB did not save ASN in 2.9. ASN is still overall a weak class in late game lab farming.

I have played claw only this season.
started it at level 1. and using like the t1 runeword and just random items i found in normal... it carried me to hell mode.
upgrading gear once i got to hell was kinda easy. but I used tg and bought the set.
after that the game mode went to easy mode...
from that point on i legit followed morph's build and its nothing crazy and super cheap if you wanted to just buy it all.

right now
i have killed every boss
other than sam ( but i 100% think i could and working towards that now )
and the boss that drops the last charm essence of time?

farming is kind of slow but still pretty fast.
you melt labs 1-7 like hot butter but in 7-10 you do slow down but still VERY doable

starter class - 8/10
bosser - 9/10
farming - 6/10

Very strong very tanky
this character is amazing

Sry but what u said has nothing to do with the newly reworked QoB.
And Idt her farming is "pretty fast". And just tell me how much time it takes for u to clear a full SCOS/T8/T9/T10 lab run and the farming skill u use. Ty but no need to tell me it is doable, I know it is doable with my clvl 147 clawsin which I didnt put much time into playing.

As a clawsin, u nearly get 0 help from QoB in lategame farming, which I mean high labs. This skill is of some help after rework in early/mid game, but just not enough and cant change asn's lategame farming speed.