Σ 1.1.4 Patch Notes

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I paid 10$ for this.
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Mostly good changes. Some core issues were tackled with the new rewards from the new Uber, like the movement speed on boots being set to 40%.

Kind of party-unfriendly patch though.

Also caster sin was nerfed, whereas every other sin build was slightly buffed. 800 life more on Level 101... we‘ll have to see if that‘s all it needs to improve Midgame perforcemance of sin. Good change though!

Either way, I‘m looking forward to the necro changes. Also... no mana cost reduction for paladin summons? :(
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happy with the changes overall, like the ama buff too :D also barb was not nerfed down to sh*t, still viable.
Dimensional Labyrinth - what are the drop rates for them new fancy oils?
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Changes overall pretty good except for bremmtown time limit change: it wasn't necessary at all, 2 minutes were perfect
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MedianXL wrote:Have fun reading :)
unfortunately i felt more sadness than fun reading .

it was nice to read about the ubers waypoints , some quality of life changes , bugfixes and changes to the endgame quests but :

- not enough love for the amazons - besides the Hammer of Zerae buff . the bowzon , javazon and spearzon have not received the expected buffs/rework

- assassins - a welcomed HP boost for mid game (could have been higher considering how squishy this class is) . Removing knockback from Hades Gate will leave the naginata sin squishy , and the extra HP gain per level up will not make up for the loss of knockback . Also , why remove the HP from the tiefling form ? :shock:
it's still just a glass , but no cannon . the overall damage could use more tweaks . an assassin is supposed to be one of the fastest killers imo , but it still isn't .

- barb nerfs - most of them were expectable , but : caster barbs will have a harder life since Eagle Stance mana regen was smashed (and no , besides casters there arn't/won't be any other builds using it) . the life regen wasn't so impressive either in previous patches , so halving it isn't gonna make much difference rather than keeping this stance in the bottom part of the stances options list . i remember the times when snake+eagle was one of the best barb stances combo options , but many years have passed since then . snake stance was nerfed and nerfed and nerfed over the years , now eagle stance too . should we just ignore them for weapon damage builds ? no, the attack speed penalty removal means nothing .
- 3 sec Spirit Walk seams a bit harsh as most of the time you would want to jump on top of your targets using it , so that the summons may focus their damage .

- Druid - no love for the caster druid yet ?

- interesting changes about the totemancer/summoner necro , but : Bane is now some sort of Doom Clone ? why does AoD have 5 sec timer ? is that about the new tweaks to poison damage so that it doesn't become the main single target killer ?
- the Malice spells still don't seam like they received the necessary damage boost , unless new reworked Jinns will somehow zomfg boost that .
- "Burning Veil: removed as it was obnoxious to use." - based on who's feedback ?

- Paladin - the demiurge nerf was predictible ,now you have to put points into STR to wear armors . No love for the unholy caster yet

- sorceress - i was waiting for the lightning tree to get some love too .

- items : Ethereals are now mandatory since they can be created . everyone will use Ethereals . bad call imo
- sets : i hope we finaly get to see the witchhunter set to be claw+shield instead of dual claw , since dual wield was murdered some years ago . . . even the barb had the Arreat set changed at that time , but the assassins didn't ...

- the Occult Effigies look nice

my 2 cents
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100% server will work 27. becuse like last time will crash and problems becuse of many ppl.

I wish all will just start fine, :-] (-:
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Maaan - trapsin is still bad :(
Bone Archer
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Is there any info about the new necro sacred uniques? Also will shadowtwin still have that +50 to veil king?
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Sin will become a meme class soon, no real dmg buff, hp removal from tiefling form is silly, 0 defence hello?
Hp boost per level is welcomed but it doesn't compensate. Stamina per hard point... :coolstorybob:
Overall changes are great, necro got his rework, waypoints and eth items, really good. No jav/spear love either, druid caster too. Well, in some other patches. Thanks to devs and everyone else contributing (:
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And I thought they couldn't make psychic sin any more worse.

First their reanimate shield gutted and now their psychic scream as well.
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assasin was dominating class in median for very very long time, although i admit, in current form it's kinda weak. Throw and naginata trees are playable, others...well, not very. Why no KB on hades gate? In Median 2008 this was broken skill, as it had no cooldown AND had KB AND had 70 yard range...but it has been toned down to reasonable status 10 years ago. No KB makes it a meme skill like black sleep.

Will try to play the new necro. Looks promising.

A5 merc received a large str nerf but this was kinda expected, he had soooo much more str than any other merc in the game. Could wear kazra plate without any other gear on him and dealt very large damage, to the point of easily outdamaging your character unless you had good gear and 75% of charms (or more)

Please add buff timers and descriptions (as mouseover). This is useful feature and already implemented in some other mod. The buff icon is nice but i still have to sort of gauge when to reapply them.