Season 20 stats

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Season 20 stats

Classes lvl 115+


Season history (M17 lvl 120+ / Sigma lvl 115+)


Builds (approximation)


Classes distribution development


Secret/rare item and hard(ish) charms count (currently in the inv/stash or equipped)

0x Celestial Sigil
0x Jewel of Luck
0x Storm Blade
0x Tyrael's Might
1x Azurewrath
1x Desolation
1x Despondence
1x Maleficence
2x The Point of No Return
4x Mythic Cycle
9x Atomus
9x The Worshipper
12x Undead Crown
17x Natalya's Deception
17x Signet of the Gladiator
18x Dark Pact
21x Shadowfang
21x Valthek's Command
21x The Buried Hawk
22x Black Masquerade
24x Spirit Walker
25x Eye of the Storm
27x Black Hand Sigil
27x Khanduran Royal Pendant
31x Arkenstone
32x The Grandfather
39x The Collector
40x Buriza-Do Kyanon
74x Inarius' Rock
84x Suicide Note
110x Wishmaster
340x Cornerstone of the World

88x Sha'ad Rune
170x Auhe Rune
268x Krys Rune
948x Qor Rune
1607x Kabraxis' Stone
1847x Ghal Rune
2642x Taha Rune

4x Vial of Elder Blood
6x Dimensional Key
60x Mystic Shard
160x Rathma's Supremacy
175x The Glorious Book of Median
216x Neutrality Pact
266x The Sleep
458x The Ancient Repositories
674x Astrogha's Venom Stinger
754x Xazax's Illusion
902x Corrupted Wormhole
1494x Soul of Kabraxis
2026x Crystalline Flame Medallion
2659x Demonsbane

1x Archbishop Lazarus Trophy
2x Triune Trophy
6x Kingdom of Shadow Trophy
11x Astrogha Trophy
13x Judgement Day Trophy
16x Viz-jun Trophy
19x The Lord of Sin Trophy
20x Black Road Trophy
24x Cathedral of Light Trophy
24x Quov Tsin Trophy
43x Legacy of Blood Trophy
57x Lord Aldric Jitan Trophy
80x Duncraig Trophy
90x Rathma Square Trophy
143x Tran Athulua Trophy
301x Akarat Trophy

4x The Glorious Book of Median (Trophy'd)
6x Dimensional Key (Trophy'd)
25x Astrogha's Venom Stinger (Trophy'd)
37x Corrupted Wormhole (Trophy'd)
38x Eternal Bone Pile (Trophy'd)
71x Silver Seal of Ureh (Trophy'd)
83x Soul of Kabraxis (Trophy'd)
95x Cold Fusion Schematics (Trophy'd)
156x Idol of Vanity (Trophy'd)
160x Azmodan's Heart (Trophy'd)
238x The Sleep (Trophy'd)
280x Spirit Trance Herb (Trophy'd)
297x Crystalline Flame Medallion (Trophy'd)
770x Sunstone of the Gods (Trophy'd)
1285x Visions of Akarat (Trophy'd) - TSW realm stats (& Quests, NotArmory, HC chars)
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No stormblade? :thumb:
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Mark :)
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4% Spearzon lmao

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my post from 3months ago

Next season stats will be:
Necro 40%
Barb 25%
Pal/Sorc/Ama - 30% together
Druid/Asa - 5% together

I was close but looks like less ppl played barb and more went druid/asa
This new season asa/druid may go up even more
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Does the stats include the hardcore players?
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Woah, didn't know Grandfather was that rare. Was just sitting in my Merc lying dead for the past month or so.
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what About uldyssian trophy?
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The Searing Heat
The Searing Heat
Flamen Staff (Sacred)

Two-Hand Damage: 48 to 51
(Druid Only)
Required Level: 100
Required Strength: 240
Item Level: 120
Strength Damage Bonus: (0.1 per Strength)%
Hunting Banshee Nullified
+3 Elemental Projectiles
-100 Strength Factor to Spell Damage
+150 Energy Factor to Spell Damage
+(9 to 10) to Druid Skill Levels
25% Cast Speed
+50% Damage to Undead
+(25 to 40)% to Fire Spell Damage
-(20 to 30)% to Enemy Fire Resistance
15% to Energy
Physical Resist 5%
5% Reanimate as: Umbaru Spirit
Socketed (4)
and The Worshipper are not in this list ? , they are more rare than some listed
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Will barb retain popularity with no changes, or we gonna see further decline.