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Hey guys, need your advice. I love playing this great game and a lot of other one, but I love playing with some background music. Can you share some website or something where I can listen it with no annoying ads?
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The first website you can try is our favorite [url][/url], but as you know there you have only two options: pay & listen, or listen music & ads :D

Maybe Spotify is the thing you need. It has much less ads but sometimes it stops you from skiping song (you can skip only 6 songs per hour in free spotify version)

Also, I have discovered another music service called feelmp3. It was a radio I used to listen but than it moved to web-based concept. They have just started, I still wait for their application for mobiles.. But you can check up beta-version here:
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It depends on what you like to hear. On Youtube you can also find many radio stations of various genres.

Then there's Soundcloud. A free provider. There are tons of artists who make their songs available for free.

If the advertising bothers you so much ...

Of course you could also get your CDs out of the cellar.

Or download the songs from Youtube.