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Great work !
Nobody plays caster sorc these days : /
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Noone got Storm Blade previous ladder and now I have one 8-) PS. Feel welcome to the auction for this item xD
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Bardamu wrote:Great work !
Nobody plays caster sorc these days : /

I've played caster (fire/light) because I was intrigued by the buffs she received with 1.3 and I was not disappointed. Melee sorc remains supreme but the gap has be reduced quite a bit. The only thing I felt was missing was an intrinsic lack of element piercing/defence/absorbing, I think it would be nice if the sorceress embodied the elements in a more rounded and intimate way instead of leaning for the most part on an elemental output. Also giving elementals for every tree (but in much lower numbers) with their own auras would be a nice experiment worth trying someday.
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can we expect some kind of season 18 summary stats this week ?
Dark Huntress
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So I assume the items on the top of the list are the hardest to otbain and congratulations to those who managed to get their hands on one of those but will the droprates change in any way for sigma ?