First 140 UBER ? Baal/Meth/Diablo parents are... ?

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Good day everyone.
This morning I was farming Baal and suddenly an idea popped up in my mind...
• We know Baal / Meph / Diablo are brothers ,right ?
First thing that comes to mind who s their parents ? ... ts.707032/
I've been searching for a while... I found no info about their parents...
And I've searched for Baal in general. Mythology says that:
"The father of Baal was El, the first king of the gods; however, Baal was more powerful than his father. His mother Asherah was the chief female deity, and later was also considered his mistress..."
So if we don't know who's their father. I can suggest fighting that 'EL' god of gods'' new Uber level 140.
And his wife who s using protecting and buff auras for her husband.
From now I'm calling him "140"
• Since these 3 brothers are so different. This '140' of whatever his name would be should use morph to transform into different ... (things .substances .evil appearances).
• I don't think you can kill 'the god of gods' with simple weapon so there's where you should farm Deimos and Samael to get 'something expendable 1 charge' like 'a depleted riftstone' to (A1 copied city). read below.
• Since they r dead you should recall them which might occur apocalypse in game world (for example):
survive 20 minutes somewhere (5 arenas) before you'll have a chance to fight with '140 boss'.
SUGGESTION: 5 min in every single city: copy cities and use them as arenas.
• First city A1 (alvl 140) 5min lock 20sec
• Second A2 (alvl 141) 5min lock 20sec
• Third A3 (A lvl142) 5min lock 20sec
• Fourth A4 (A lvl 143) 5min lock 20sec
• Fifth A5 (A lvl 145) 5min lock 20sec
• Obviously should have <1 min lock.
If stuff would be interested I can share more ideas about this Uber. Rn it seems like I'm posting this for myself :/
сheck my post about new (ETH) weapon versatility suggestions: ↓
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Baal didn't have a mother, nor did he have a "father". Baal, Mephisto and Diablo were made from an enity known as Tathamet, the foundation of the burning hells. We don't need new ubers. Hardly more than 50% of the player base even hits 140.
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archbishop wrote:Hardly more than 50% of the player base even hits 140.

Where you get this info?
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Pinball wrote:
archbishop wrote:Hardly more than 50% of the player base even hits 140.

Where you get this info?

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Makes sense
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If you're a big fan of the Diablo franchise you should stay awhile to this lore breakdown. There are a few others as well if curiousity strikes.